A Day Out Of Time (according to the Mayan Calendar)

 by Wim Borsboom

Part I of II
Part II of II


Part I of II

The Year of "The Red Magnetic Moon"

What follows is the slightly altered but complete speech that I had prepared to be delivered at the ‘a day out of time’ event (a Mayan Calendar celebration) on July 25, 2006 at CorUnum (The Yurt).



I probably underestimated the time that this speech would take so as I ran out of time (which is a good thing to happen on a day out of time) I did not get to the final part of what I had planned to say… Which was actually also a good thing!!!

Over the last few days I had been trying to come to grips with the fact that the Mayan Calendar ‘runs out’ by the year 2012. Now, you will notice at the end the printed version of this speech that I make mention of the expanding/contracting universe theory…

As I was preparing this talk I felt more and more driven to bring this theory up, that we (and the universe :) are likely at the transition point of that dynamic: the expanding universe going into its contracting phase. Even while speaking, I could not fathom (some may have noticed me trying to form the words… but I just could not pronounce them…) why I was not able to bring this contracting universe topic up at the event. It was only a few hours after - at twelve PM to be precise - after I had delivered the shortened version of the speech that I realized why. It suddenly dawned on me that I could not bring this up until the Red Magnetic Moon Year had started, which is… today (July the 26th) as I’m writing this.

During a phone conversation with Louise today, she used the word ‘unification’ and then I had another insight, over the last generation we have found ‘unification’ to become a more and more important notion to us. Why does ‘unification’ feel better to us than say ‘diversification’ or ‘fragmentation’… it must be because we are preparing for the contracting phase of the universe to take place.

But why mention it today on the first day of the ‘red magnetic moon’ year? Probably because during this moon year unity and unification is what we shall be working at more intensively…

Funny, how my own speech makes much more sense to me now than when I put it together:

Here we are,
right now…
A celebration of
“a day out of time”
and… in what a beautiful place…
“a place out of space” perhaps?

But of course we cannot really step out of time or step out of space…
as it always here where we are all the time!

But we can step away from:
calculated time, exploited time,
… away from exploited space …
and it is that what we are celebrating here now in a fuller awareness…

We were just shown in the yurt the slideshow of the amazing discoveries by Dr. Emoto depicting those miraculous water crystals: conscious moments of water as if frozen in time, we have just participated in that wonderful Mayan Calendar Ceremony by the pond, and we have thanked ‘the water’ for staying so closely connected and integrated with ‘the earth’, and later on we will be doing a fire ceremony.

It looks like we are covering water and fire well - and rightly so - but I feel that it would not be out of place to spend some moments out of time devoted to earth… and maybe we can even cover the remaining elements… atmosphere and space.

I’d like to donate some of the fifteen minutes that I’ll be speaking here, to the Earth but… in silence with you. While in silence for the next few seconds, could you in your mind’s eye imagine how you see our beloved Earth, how you feel your concerns about her, consider her past, consider her future, how you extend your best wishes to her?

… … …
Probably some of you may have considered our earth to be in some pain?
Ah, what have we done to her?


Some of you, after having seen “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore may have decided to step up your effort in helping her heal herself.
Ah the Earth… this place where we are… in this time…

There is something that we, especially those in, let me call it alternative or new age circles have worked very hard on over the last two generations, something we can actually be proud of: we have really come to appreciate being here on Earth.

That was not always so. Could you imagine some 75 years ago that your great-grandmother would be saying to your grandmother, “You have to ground yourself!” or “Be Here Now!” ?

In those days it seems that in religion and culture that it was overall more important to get out of this place… to get elsewhere: Heaven or Nirvana… and if that did not work out, oh well Hell or Hades. In bible-based religions they talk about heaven, in Hinduism they talk about escaping the wheel of Karma during our sojourn here on Earth, in Buddhism there is Nirvana that cannot wait except for... the odd Bodhisattva.


It seems that over the ages Earth was not appreciated too much ‘overall’!
How good that we now embrace her, she needs our love, she loves our love.
But still, the other day while I was leafing through some New Age style magazines on the magazine shelves at Chapters, I was struck that there still were some sentiments expressed that found it good to ‘kinda’ escape from here… (Maybe to end up with an ascended master? :)

And then I saw this journal that had Stephen Hawking proposing that humankind should eventually survive on an alien planet… (Can we really? After he noted that we can hardly survive here?!)

Hmm…, maybe it behooves us to check out if we ourselves are really not still some ‘closet escapist’…

The Earth wants us here… fully, with all our heart, one Heart one Earth.

Let’s give ourselves fully to her as she so unconditionally gives herself to us… even if it pains her and as we are we doing her harm.

When Louise, a few weeks ago, urged me to attend this gathering, she said, “Wim you have helped me see that this IS the garden!” - NOT ‘Eden Lost’.

Maybe we have not been excommunicated from Eden, perhaps we have just been made not to see it.

Let’s help each other to see Eden here and live it.


Part II of II

The Year of "The Red Magnetic Moon"

Maybe we have not been excommunicated from Eden, perhaps we have just been made not to see it.

Let’s help each other to see Eden here and live it.
This brings me to another point, a subtle one, but so important, possibly containing a gentle warning.

When I was still receiving clients for counseling (I’m retired now) I would look out from my window down into the garden and I would see clients coming through the garden gate, and I would say as I observed their energy in glorious colours, “Oh wow, look what a beautiful being!” Then after they sat down, I was always amazed how clients would - almost invariably - spend the first ten minutes trying to convince me of ‘in how bad a state’ they were.

You see, they of course had been trained to see themselves through the eyes of those who identified them as ‘not good enough’ and over time they got so convinced that those external judgments were valid that they started to identify themselves that way and… even live that way.

I felt it to be my task to help them to convince themselves out of those initially unwarranted identifications, accusations and judgments - the ones that over time had become so self-accusing and self-incriminating. Eventually a client would discover how innately beautiful and unharmed he or she actually was… self-confidence fully restored.

We heal ourselves from within, especially after we see that the external things we used to do to ‘better ourselves’ - our usual ways of dealing with assumed problems - that those actions prolonged the problems... actually made them persevere… It’s like picking at a wound!

Let’s for a moment do ‘a no-no’ and take ourselves out of this place, away from time here, and imagine that we are (all of us here together)… that we are a heavenly counselor perched somewhere in the universe.

Let’s imagine that we see Mother Earth - our first client - approaching us through some heavenly gate, “Ah, look at her energy” we say, “and those wonderful atmospheric colors like an aura encircling her, that blue watery veil partially covering her fertile body…” Ah there she is Sister Earth! And we want to listen to her.

But… but, lo and behold, we hear only complaints coming from her!

For minutes we hear voices attempting to convince us that she is not as beautiful as we just saw her, that she is in pain, that she is ill, at the point of feeling like… blowing herself up…

Imagine that we are now helping her to convince herself that she is actually how we saw her to be when we first saw her approaching us: so beautiful and whole, energetic, showing her pride in glorious colours... and slowly we see her discover that she is not how she was made to be seen…!

And as a client would wipe away a tear when discovering that she was actually never really as bad or inadequate as she was made out to be, Sister Earth is now also showing a glimmer of a tear, having rediscovered herself…, recovering her real being… not being at all what she was made out to appear to be…

The following is subtle and might not immediately make sense…

What if our lovely beautiful Earth is actually in good shape - really! - as beautiful as we saw her as she approached us just a few minutes ago?

What if our usual human concerns about her are actually our self-judgments and self-incriminations projected onto her?

What if we, in a way, force her to identify herself with how we constantly identify her, by means of our acquired and mistaken self-identities?

If that is so, aren’t we then contributing to her lack of self-confidence and thereby actually hampering her self healing?

Are we aware enough that Earth can heal herself and that even our most well-meant strategies might not be the right ones, that they might actually prolong her pain?

What if our worries about her and the way we usually try to solve those worries, are actually part of the pain we are contributing to the Earth and… that we actually make her pain last longer?
Could it be that our fixes, however well intended, are also picking at her wounds?
I know, that’s a novel way of looking at this…, we are so much ‘the doer’, our work ethic is doing, but does our doing actually help Gaia (as Dr. Lovelock called the earth)? Really?

Is Earth getting better as we think her to be so ill?
Is part of our thinking not actually part of her acquired illness, something we are pushing onto her?

The first thing we as humans did in historical times to “better” Gaia for us was perhaps that we made her feel bad and inadequate in the first place…

What good do we actually do to Earth even when we think we ‘do good’? Ah Mother Dear!

The things we do, eh?!

One cannot gain genuine peace by fighting a war…

Can we heal the earth, when we actually fight those whom we see as hurting her, while we are thus engaged in a futile game of mutual pain?

We do that sometimes, don’t we?! We can be so unaware, hating those who do the hating.

Gandhi’s approach might still be the right one; he dealt with Mother India’s liberation by increasing her self-confidence by improving that of her inhabitants.
The point is subtle and complex and has a twist to it: The human survival syndrome has nothing much to do with the survival of Mother Earth, in fact we are surviving, we can let go of our syndrome. If we can do that with confidence - when we are aware that we ‘made it’, that we are surviving, then the remnants of our habitual survival machinations, maneuvers and manipulations can disappear…
But each of us may still be harbouring too much of that human survival syndrome…

There is theory that says that currently in our expanding universe, everything expands… that means ‘us to’. That theory also states that the universe will at some point start contracting.
Could it be that the universe is starting that contracting phase right about now, and that survival starts meaning something else than what it used to mean, instead of more of me, more for me it will be less of me, less for me ; instead of more of us and more for us, it will be… …
I have a feeling that Gaia is responding to a Universe that is on the edge of contracting… and we are invited to respond to it in kind... Invited? Actually, I don't think we have a choice, we are part of Gaia, we are one organism... just as we are part of this universe... we are one organism...

In a contracting universe there will be less time, less space… maybe that is why this particular ‘day out of time’ in this ‘place out of space’ is so significant!

The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace was designed by Russian artist and humanitarian, Nicholas Roerich (1874 - 1947) as a response to the destruction of the first world war and the Russian Revolution.

It is an international treaty signed by India, the Baltic states, and 22 nations of the Americas including the United States. The Roerich Peace Pact established an international agreement allowing any nation to protect its cultural or artistic heritage with a symbolic banner, the Banner of Peace. Signed in 1935, this treaty is international law today. Just as the Red Cross protects hospitals, the Banner of Peace was implemented to protect culture. 

Written with the assistance of international experts and lawyers, the Banner of Peace was praised by many notable figures during its signing including Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, and H.G. Wells. The Pact states, "educational, artistic, and scientific institutions... shall be protected and respected by the belligerents ... without any discrimination as to the state allegiance of any particular institution or mission... these missions may display a distinctive flag (the Banner of Peace).. which will entitle them to special protection and respect..." Thus any site of cultural activity around the world can fly the Banner of Peace to declare itself neutral, independent of combatant forces, and protected by international treaty.

Nicholas Roerich was an artist and travelled extensively through Russia, India, Tibet, and the United States. He hoped by using a symbol that represented all cultures no group would feel excluded from using it. The Banner would have not one but several meanings, as Nicholas Roerich himself wrote: 

Let us be united - you will ask in what way? 
You will agree with me: in the easiest way, 
to create a common and sincere language. 
Perhaps in Beauty and in Knowledge."

The distinctive Banner is three red circles surrounded by a larger red circle on a white banner. The banner is a deep red or magenta color to symbolize the color of human blood, which is the same for all peoples. The top circle represents spirituality and encompasses the truth of all religions, that we can all unite regardless of our distinct beliefs. The two circles on the bottom represent art and science. The circle that surrounds the three spheres represents culture, the unity of art, science, and spirituality.

In 1993, Peace Pilgrims José and Lloydine Argüelles revived awareness of the Roerich Pact by using the Banner of Peace to represent the aims of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and the Planet Art Network. With the strength of its historic and international validity, the Planet Art Network has reactivated this symbol, bringing its message of Peace to the Vatican, the United Nations, as well as several world leaders, in efforts to promote global calendar change. Argüelles expanded Roerich's original motto to read "PAX CULTURA, PAX BIOSPHERICA", adding an emphasis that we must protect the Biosphere, the Mother of all Culture. "Peace through Culture. Peace with the Biosphere."

The symbol for the Banner of Peace can be found in many cultures and numerous philosophical systems. It can be found on the coat of arms of the Popes, on Ethiopian and Coptic antiquities, and stone age amulets. It also appears on Tibetan rings, Buddhist banners, the Temple of Heaven in Peking and in the oldest of Indian symbols, the Chintamani, the sign of happiness. Found in all cultures, the Banner of Peace is the perfect symbol to bring all peoples together in peace. 

The Banner of Peace was exhibited at the 2nd Summit for the Global Initiative for Departments of Peace held at Royal Roads University, Victoria in June 2006 Saul Arbess  will bring the banner to the International Day of Peace Ceremony on  September  21 st.

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