Quantum Shift

Louise, recently received an email which included an article by Celia Fenn, and wanted to share it with you.

I'd like to share this information with you, in the interests of assisting you to work with the Quantum Shift that is now taking place.

These energies are changing your reality in deep and fundamental ways, and it is the wish of the Angelic realms to assist humans to make this transition in the best possible way. We would like to emphasize that this transition is different to the Indigo-Crystal transition that most of you have experienced. That energy was an individual awakening that enabled the person to "rewire" their body and activate their lightbody. That work is over, as you as a Collective have reached "critical mass," that is, enough awakened or Crystal beings to enable the next phase, which is the Quantum Shift.

The Quantum Shift is a Group or Collective exercise in which everybody plays a part. This awakening is being facilitated by those who have already experienced the individual awakening, and the New Children who are bringing in the New Energies to assist the process. You can expect that every single person and being on the Planet will experience the effects of the Quantum shift in some way. Those who awaken now will activate all their

The Quantum shift is about Earth and her population moving to a new level or Harmonic of Experience and Love. The energy that is coming into the planet now may be called "Angelic Fire," and it is transformative and regenerating. Earth is experiencing a rebirthing by Fire, and it is a joyous and wonderful process. But you may feel some discomfort in the birthing, and so we offer this information to assist your process if you so choose.

The Experiences of the Shift

Physical Experiences: Many of you will feel the incoming energies Quite intensely in the physical body. This may feel like an intense electrical energy that runs through the body, especially the arms and the legs. It may flow in currents and waves, and may feel very hot or very cold. You may feel "foggy" in the head at these times, and also very tired to the point of exhaustion. 

At these times, the Angelic Fire is moving through your body in a process of "deep healing." You may feel toxic at these times, since the Angelic Fire is eliminating and removing everything in your body that is "dense" and "toxic." You are being renewed physically from the "inside." You are experiencing deep cleaning and healing.

Many people also report tingling sensations on the skin, as well as itchiness and heat on the skin of the arms and legs. Again, this is your body clearing out toxins, since the skin is the primary organ of elimination. Your liver and kidneys will also be very active at this time, and you may experience pains in these areas. Feelings of nausea and diarrhea are also indications that the body is cleansing on a deep level.

When you experience any of these symptoms, it is wise to rest and be peaceful. Sleep if you can. The body needs you to assist it in these processes. Be aware that you are rebirthing a crystalline body, and that you can help by honoring your body and its needs.

As for food, some people will not feel like eating at all, and others will have cravings for certain kinds of food. Allow your body to tell you what it needs, but do not overdo foods that are toxic. Your body still appreciates simple and whole foods at this time. Do not stop eating, food helps to ground you at this time when you may feel like "floating off."

Emotional Experiences. This area will be something of a roller coaster. Your emotional body may experience upheaval in the deep cleansing process. You may alternate between joy and elation, which are the emotions of the new energy supported by the Angelic Fire, and so-called negative emotions such as anger, fear, confusion and depression. You may feel "stuck" and you may judge yourself.

Remember that the emotional body is also experiencing it own healing the new levels, and many old emotions of the collective may be activated in you as you work with the collective awakening. Feeling stuck and as if nothing is happening in your life is the effect of having to wait until the rest of the Collective awakens sufficiently for the next phase of the awakening to unfold. It will require patience and acceptance and trust. There is a greater plan and you are contributing to it just by holding your calm center and allowing energies to flow through you.

You are learning absolute trust in a Higher Purpose and your part in its unfolding. Just know that the Higher Dimensions are working to hold this energy with you and that everything is as it should be at this time. Stay positive and focus on being in the Moment and experiencing the joys and blessings of what you have. The Angelic realm is working to ensure that every being that awakens is cared for in this process.

Mental Experiences. This will be a difficult area, as the mind will struggle to come to terms with the nature of a reality that is shifting and changing. Nothing that was "fixed" will be so in the new Quantum reality. The mind may begin to panic, or experience anger and frustration. In some cases, paranoia may set in as people seek for a "reason" for the disintegration of their reality. They may seek to "blame" others in their experience field, or look to "dark forces" that are attacking them. They may seek to vent their angers and frustrations on others.

In these cases, it helps to understand that the energy that is coming. In is pure love, and that as it heals it seeks to bring up everything that is not love. So experiences of "negative" energy and fear may need to just flow through you and be released. Remember, only Love is real, and that all else is an illusion. Do not allow yourself to fall into illusions at this time. Focus on what is real. Find the love and the support in your life. It is there if you are willing to see it and accept it for what it is. Each person who moves through the illusions and accepts the love contributes to the awakening into the reality that only Love is real.

Shining the Light

Remember that you are becoming a Crystalline being. As your activate Yourlight-bodies and clarify your crystalline physical form, you are able to hold so much more light!

You can radiate that light out to the Planet. Visualize yourself becoming Light!

Practice Conscious Breathing! Allow yourself to breathe in the Angelic Fire from the Cosmos and breathe it out as radiant energy for the Earth. Allow yourself to see the Miraculous and the Wonderful in this Quantum Shift. The Angelic Fire is permeating every aspect of our existence, and we are becoming pure Light while still in our physical forms. This is indeed the whole purpose of the evolution of Humanity, and you are living through the culmination of many lifetimes of work.It is time to celebrate!

2005-6 Celia Fenn

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