A Prayer of Renewal

The Law of One

We are all One

We are not alone

When One helped

All are helped

Therefore, in the name of who I am

and I AM ONE with All

In All I ask only that which is the greatest

good of all concerned happens HERE.

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 We must work in the soil, planting healthy seeds to nourish.

We must work with the children, planting seeds of love to nurture.

We must work with the elders,

harvesting wisdom of experience.

We must work together

to create a garden of heaven.

Every thought a seed, every word a prayer to feed,

every action a display of possibility.

We are the waking possibilities

of tenderness, compassion,

truth and love.

The beneficial moments

are in every interaction with life,


This love

will set us free.

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Swim Again
 by Victor Van Buskirk Dancing Wolf
My party grew in a garden just glorious
on the thirtieth day of July
it was a day vibrantly victorious
under a blazing blue sky
the sunshine danced through the happy trees
waltzing with the shadows and shade
 so many different people with keys
to the door my healing heart has made
there was some yummy plums full of a tree,
privy to the festive air
such a delight to have you all celebrate me,
thank you for your loving care
there was luck full of pots and dishes galore
there were desserts better than sex
okay so I am stretching with metaphor
but even language can stand a good flex
there was poetry and song and lots of laughter
there was a love real to the touch
and shortly into it all, long before after
I had never felt honoured so much
many of you know I have struggled for years
and this one had been the worst
a pain so intense it exposed all my fears
finally forcing me to quench my thirst
to drink from the half full cup that is mine
for only my lips fit it's brim
to sip and gulp such liquid divine
oh my goddess to jump in and swim
I am speaking of love indeed I am
and yes I have done that before this
but to actually swim again right after I swam
to hold precious what comes with more bliss
people were walking all through these acres
for the land holds gifts that we can not
prosperity is not all about movers and shakers
forgiving is not about what we have got
there was a green table pinging with pong
 balls were bouncing all over far and wide
I am learning that there might not be right and wrong
but I play with my life with the games that I hide
so to all you I hold dear, know I am thriving and well
even more Leonine than I was last week
not all pompous and proud with too much to tell
just grateful for you hearing more than my past speak
the evening entered with gentle respect
the starlight bid our great day adieu
while I won't be charged with neglect
cards and presents got mixed up it's true
so if you don't get a call or an e-mail soon
you now know the real reason for the above
embarrassing if I let my ego play that tune
quite human if I let my heart sing from the love
the Yurt was dancing to the beat of our feet
the rhythm of love is most compelling
that's why my dance floor is never complete
without the wonder I am now spelling

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by Louise Taylor

Numbers are poetry

Numbers are sublime

Numbers are the markers

That we are divine

Ordained by the universe

To show us the form

That Love takes when divided

And multiplied galore

No thing is subtracted

When added to the One

Zero to Infinity


All is included in


Love does the tallying

And so leaves us free!

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