November 2006



Aho Dear Hearts of CorUnum,


A journey of wonderment it is and the expanding awareness of "Divine Timing" a beautiful gift. Following is a somewhat abridged version of the intended November Newsletter.


"Spirit of Aloha"

David Blakie's book was launched Nov 15 at the Church of Truth 

(will be available at the Yurt after the dancing Nov. 19th.)

 David has written a timely article for us on the meaning of OHANA, an Hawaiin word well worth contemplating and living. Can be read at the end of this email. 


Sunday, November 19   2-4 pm in the First Yurt     Dancing the Circle of Compassion

David Blaikie and friends  will share a Hawaiin Heart Blessing and a CD (so that you can have it with you always).
Findhorn Community Dances and Dances of  Universal Peace form the basis of our repetoire.
In the words of Friedl Kloke,German Sacred Circle Dance teacher,
"Music-Dance-Silence- all have a  harmonizingeffect.
They speak to the whole person. In dance one can give expression to anything that effects one deeply."
A new dance will be introduced, based on a  traditional Rumanian midwife dance to
honor Victoria's Carry On Grannies movement who are working with African
grandmothers raising their children's children.
This dance will be a send-off to Louise who is going to Zurich shortly to join
Friedl Kloke and a danceshop entitled 'Transformation'.
Ugandan proverb:" Men walk, the gods dance"
We invite you to join us
From the Book Corner  ~   for the holidays
Jennifer Taylor , children's book illustrator and recording artist, 
Her book  'What's in the Hole" and cards "let Us dream the world together' will be available for purchase


 Monday, Dec 4   New Moon Meditation Group  in the Second Yurt  7-10:30

 Thursday Dec 7   7:30- 9:30  Womanspirit Circle   in the First Yurt

 Tuesday, December 12 from 7-9 PM  Sacred Circle Dance into Winter
Friends' Meeting House, 1831 Fern Street in Victoria
Admission by donation.  All ages welcome.  No experience required.
To celebrate the changing seasons and the cycles of our lives and wild
nature, to remind us of the strength and unity of circles in nature, in
our lives, families and communities
For more info contact Betsy Nuse (592-2848)

 Sunday, December 17   1-6:00PM   "Women, Embrace your Magic .........tis the season"
Give the gift of a peaceful and centered self for the holiday season.
Release and Surrender:
The Crazed Shopper,
The Mad Baker,
and the rest of your "Got Tos" and take some time for yourself before
Solstice and Christmas.
Come join me on a magical journey.
Cost: $25
Please call Karin for details at 1-250-246-8636

E-mail Address:

 Thursday, December 21  7-11:00PM    Winter Solstice Light Ceremony with Earthdream Meditation Group donation   $12



 Sunday Jan 28  Minke de Vos (before her departure to New Zealand and Thailand) will repeat her November's program.  TBA in greater detail  in January      



We are looking for a news-gathering and/or a personable yet public relations person to help our webMaster in putting  out the  Monthly Calendar/Newsletter. If you are looking for community involvement, we are looking for you!


Louise and Stephen

Wishing all friends and families of friends  blessed holidays and a joy-filled New Year!




In the Huna teachings, the word 'Ohana means, "family, group, relations". 'Ohana can be thought of as the circle of group consciousness or a space for peace.


Its meaning also applies on a larger scale to community and beyond. The rest of the world, is also 'Ohana.


As with all sacred Hawaiian words there is more than one way in which they can be translated in order to reveal their secret meanings and spiritual instruction.


ha - breath, to breathe, life force, spirit

oha - affection, friendship, love

na - calm, at peace


The sacred word 'Ohana can be translated very simply as, "the peace of friendship".


Lets translate 'Ohana in a different way.


'o - to agree, to say yes

hana - to work, action


'Ohana now translates as "to agree to the work".


The "work" in this case being the aspiration and action required to attain and maintain friendship, affection and love, with others, family and community. 


The friendship, affection and love can be extended and applied as well to your "internal family and community". The parts and aspects of yourself that you are "working on" in your personal growth and development. The "younger you's" who await the welcoming breath of the Spirit. The "younger you's" who await the space of peace.


The Spirit of 'Ohana extends again, "to say yes to the work of the spiritual family".


To agree to the work of service and contribution where all intentions and actions are for the benefit of all. This teaching applies equally and with equality to self, others, the earth and all of life, through the actions of aloha.


There is an expression in Kahililani Huna, "when we breathe together we become One", in group consciousness. One in the circle of peace. 'Ohana.


David will be presenting a 'Ohana ceremony Saturday, November 18th from 12:30 - 2:30. All are welcome.

The Church of Truth - The Spirit of Aloha BookLaunch - Wednesday evening, November 15    7:00 - 8:30pm

The Spirit of Aloha Workshop - December 2/3 Victoria 250 884-9702