Gathering of the Women

Dear Sisters~ from Sharon Alderont
I ,as well as many other women have been 'called' or 'brought' to Vancouver Island and the larger sphere encompassing Mount Shasta. Some realize why they are here, and many do not, only that they 'need' to be here. They may have arrived 20 years ago, and can't leave, or leave and have to return, or they may have arrived 10 years ago, five, two, one or have just arrived. Some have been called and have yet to 'land'.
Some of us who 'received messages' or otherwise work with the Goddess and the Divine Feminine have come to realize that the 'Gathering of the Women" to these parts is to re-claim the divine feminine energies from Lemurian times that were over thrown by the paternalistic and marauding Atlanteans and the ensuing 'paternallistic' machinations that have refused to honor the female, the women, the Goddess, and Mother Earth to the point of destruction for Her and Her species, including human.
The southern tip of Vancouver Island has been chosen as it is a part of Lemuria and for it's proximity to the Crystal where The Blue Ray of Love/Wisdom is being re-anchored. This was previously focused on the Hawaiian Islands, but no longer will be as 'the Shift" is upon us. The first information on the Blue Ray shifting to here was first imparted to myself by Morna Simeone, Chief Kahuna grandmother, in person, in the late 70' and early 80's. As the 'spirit keeper of the Blue Ray Crystal' focusing the Blue ray into this sector of the galaxy' ( information imparted to a dreamer grandmother before I came into embodiment), myself and several other Sisters activated by (Holy) Spirit, Sophia and/ or Lilith, Quan Yin, etc., have activated and anchored the Divine Feminine in the Crystal off the coast.
This consciousness and embodiment has re-membered and integrated the Divine Feminine all the way back to Source, the infinite Oneness of All That Is (Mar.1985), and was given 'the Plan' and the 'Orb and Scepter", " to bring Heaven back to Mother Earth by bringing the Four Directions (NEWS) into the Circle of Oneness".
The Circle represents the Great Goddess, as I am sure you are aware, and the Divine Feminine is brought back to Mother Earth through Medicine Wheels and peoples gathering and Circles, as they come into harmony with one another and the divine intentions of Source, and hence the 'oneness'.
As there is no deeper Peace than in the Oneness, and as the Mother God/dess is symbolized by the Dove of Peace, and as this embodiment and consciousness has integrated these and as the mandate from Source has been delineated as such, I AM in service to call a "Gathering of the Divine Feminine Power Holders to anchor the 'Deep Peace of the Dove in the Heart of the Wheel'" in a space dedicated for some 10 years to this purpose in West Saanich, just outside Victoria. '
This is a 'Call' and Invitation to All Women Who Feel Drawn to this Mandate. The Gathering on the 20th is for actively guided female participants only.
This invitation is extended to all 'Grandmothers', Female Shamanesses, healers, 'medicine women', sacred pipe carriers, channels, drummers, singers, women of 'spirit', feminine 'power holders'. This is for the Spirit Keepers of the Divine Feminine, the power of the Goddess, in any and All of Her Names and Traditions, whether you have worked singly and in private, in meditation, ceremony or prayer, or whether you have and do work currently in Circles or other groups or affiliations that are interested in using the Divine Feminine Power, to re-claim this planet for Love and Peace, harmony and unity, for LIFE and the respect and honoring of All Life.
This gathering is intended to Anchor The Deep Peace which is associated with the Jewish, Muslim and Christian forgotten Goddess Sophia, now currently known as The Holy Spirit, the 'Shekinah'; the Deep Peace and Compassion of Quan Yin, Mut, Ma'at, Bhavaneshwara, and the lists goes on.
 This gathering is intended to generate and hold the Peace for ensuing Peace Gatherings held in Victoria and Vancouver, such as the "Gather the Women Peace Gathering", June 22, 23, 24th at UVIC, and "the World Peace Forum" June 23rd, 24, 25th in Vancouver, B.C. This is not being done at their behest or with there permission; it is being done at the behest and calling of Spirit.
The Gathering' will be on June 20th.
The day will open with the lighting of the Sacred Fire at 8:00 am in time alignment with a gathering of 400 Medicine Women on the East Coast, and a large gathering of Medicine Women in Southern California, and likely many other locations. The Fire will be a place to share many songs, chants, stories and prayers.
After Lunch(12:00 noon) break, women may 'Walk the Labyrinth', do specific Ceremonies as guided by Spirit to prepare for 'Anchoring the Dove of Peace' or participate in a "Sound Healing Cermony" in the main Yurt.
Supper break will be called at 4:30pm and completed by 5:30pm.
The Medicine Wheel to Anchor The Dove in the Heart of the Wheel will commence at 6:00pm.
Donation for participating in the Medicine Wheel only, $15-$25( minimum $5). If any cannot afford this, an exchange of service will be accepted with previous arrangement.
Workshops by women traveling from out of town to raise money for their traveling expenses will take place on Sunday, June 18th, and Monday, June 19th, as well as readings and healings for members of the public, by any of the Sisters, from in town or out of town. Announcements of workshops will be sent in future notices.
For those wishing to stay over, a mixed wheel will be held on the 21st.
Any wishing to do individual workshops, healings and readings on days preceding or succeeding the 20th, and 21st, to support your journey to the Island, may book time with myself as soon as possible. The cost of the use of the space is $15.00 an hour. If I promote, a fee will be negotiated depending on what will be required. This event is intended as a Spiritual Gathering, not as a 'money making' venue. The event will be advertised through several 'networks' and Victoria area magazines and periodicals, and we do ask all interested to send out the Invitation.
All food for meals must be brought by participants in an open table sharing. Those from in town are asked to donate food freely to supply those from out of town who don't have means to carry or store food, and for those who are facilitating the logistics of the gathering. i.e.. large salads, casseroles, bags of buns, bannock, cheese, salmon etc.
Please remember to bring a stone to place on the Wheel; drums, rattles, crystal bowls, flutes, or other musical instruments, other power pieces as directed by spirit ( i.e. sacred pipes, sage, crystals), blankets if you wish to sit on the ground, and anything that I may have forgotten that you can think of.
For those from out of town or staying over, the cost is $10.00 per night per person. Women may stay in the far yurt, put up teepees, or tents. A direction map will be forwarded on request, and a map of the grounds.
I may be contacted by email ( or phone, (250) 382-2736, or 1-877-880-1122 (please let me know immediately if you phone me on this number, so I can get your number and phone you back on the less expensive 'plan') . Also any who may be willing to assist in logistics or proceedings of the gathering, please contact in as soon as possible.
Infinite Blessings to All,
In the One Heart of Love, bringing All Into the Oneness, Sharon Alder, Pistis Sophia "Soaring Eagle",Director of the Women's Earth Council for the Sacred and Divine Mystic, Visionary and Vision Keeper, Cosmic Shamaness, Healer, Singer Minister of the Infinite Light Teachings of Oneness through S.H.E.S.